Program stages

To contact our program manager via e-mail or to send your request online

To have a consultation with our doctor and send medical documentation for program starting

To sign the contract with our center.

Stage by stage payments depending on a program package

To deliver genetic materials (you can use our delivery services for sperm, oocytes and embryos or visit our clinic in Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, Colombia, Georgia, Mexico or India)

Surrogate mother selection and preparation for the program

Egg donor or genetic mother preparation for the program, stimulation and puncture.

Medical program IVF+ICSI (VIP packages: PICSI, IMSI, NGS, baby’s gender selection)

Surrogate mother’s pregnancy (first trimester screening between weeks 11 and 13 of pregnancy)

Medical and documental supervision for surrogate mother (all necessary medical examination and medication, doctor supervision, pregnancy screenings, medical pregnancy card and documental support)

Child delivery by surrogate mother in Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Mexico, India or Bangladesh (arrival of genetic parents) or in your country of residence (arrival of surrogate mother to the place of childbirth)

Registration of new-born child and issue of documents

From the first step, we will meet you with a smile and provide professional expertise. Your time is valuable for us! Therefore we realise the most effective programs and your visit to clinic won't take long.

Employing the Success IVF clinic and surrogacy centre services you can be sure in high-quality and timely receipt of the support and care. With cooperation, we are convinced that we will succeed in this endeavour!