Our visit to The Fertility Show in London (UK)

Impressions from our visit to "The Fertility Show" in London with our team "Success"! Hello, dear followers! Today we would like to share with you our unforgettable experience at The Fertility Show in London where we represented our team Success. This event was really inspirational and meaningful for us as we had the opportunity to connect with amazing clients who are considering surrogacy. Throughout the day we met many wonderful people who share our important mission of helping raise families. It was wonderful to see the excitement, curiosity and openness with which they shared their dreams of parenthood. We are proud to stand by such strong and determined people on their journey to happiness. Through conversations with our prospective clients, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of providing not only quality services but also emotional support at every stage of this journey. We're always ready to listen and answer any questions you have to help you make informed decisions. Our team also participated in various seminars where we discussed relevant topics and contributed to the field of surrogacy. It was inspiring to hear expert opinions and share experiences with other professionals. The entire exhibition day was full of emotions, new contacts and hope. We are grateful to everyone who has shared their stories and entrusted us with their dreams. Your courage and determination inspire us! If you attended The Fertility Show and were one of our visitors, please leave a comment and tell us about your experience. We'd love to hear from you!


Organization of a meeting in Barcelona (Spain)

We would like to share with you some information about our recent meeting with heterosexual and same-sex couples, as well as single individuals who are considering using surrogacy services. At "Success," we organized this meeting to help people understand how the surrogacy process works, answer questions, and help with decision-making. The meeting was very informative and interesting, and we received a lot of valuable questions and feedback from the participants. We were especially pleased to see how the participants were able to share their stories and emotions and how they found support and understanding from each other. We hope that our meeting helped them feel more confident in their decisions and that they are now more informed about how the surrogacy process works. We are always happy to help our clients realize their dream of parenthood. If you have any questions about our surrogacy services, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Conference in Berlin (Germany)

For us it always pleasure to participate in Fertility exhibition all over the world. Berlin fertility show gave as opportunity to present our surrogacy programs and provide local consultation for our further German clients. Our head of international department Viktoriia was invited as expert during “Surrogacy in the world” panel discussion where presented opportunities of Cyprus surrogacy journey. During this event we had chance to see our current German clients as well who already started surrogacy possess with us and now they are in different strategies of pregnancy. Dear friends thanks for your support and cooperation we were happy to see you during exhibition and it is very important that you share your thoughts, feelings and experience with other future parents.


Conference in Nice (France)

Success company team were happy to see our former and future clients during meeting in Nice (France). Wonderful atmosphere helped to share important experience of surrogacy programs and clarity all steps of program. Clients had opportunity to talk with experienced parents who went through surrogacy program with us and to become happy parents of their babies. Such kind of support is very important and helpful for future parents to be ready to start their way to healthy baby. Dear friends, see you soon in Cyprus to start surrogacy programs for you!


Conference in Cologne (Germany)

Success company took part in the Fertility exhibition Kinderwunsch Tagen in Cologne (8-9 October 2022). We were pleased to meet our German and French clients and provide consultations about our surrogacy programs. Our European clients could ask their questions and understand the opportunities for them within Cyprus surrogacy programs with affordable prices and high service standards. We are always happy to see our previous clients with babies who can share their experience and support new ones. It is also good to find new medical partners during such events which can help our clients to make medical checkup in their home country. Success company finds each opportunity to be close to our clients and provide you possibilities to have access to our best offers in surrogacy field. See you soon within next EU Fertility events!


Conference in Paris (France)

Dear clients, Success company is looking to find each opportunity to increase services quality and find appropriate solutions to implement the best program for you. We increase our ability and participate in the most interesting events related to Fertility and Reproduction field. Désir d’Enfant exhibition 2022 is provide opportunity for French and EU clients to find reliable treatment solution to became parents and find support within this way. Success company is always in touch with our European partners and increase capacity for our clients. We are improving our services and variety of offers in order to help you to become parents and to bring happiness to your life. We will keep you updated about our participation in further events to have opportunity to take face to face in your country.