About Us

International IVF clinic and surrogacy centre 

"Success" IVF clinic & surrogacy centre is a leading international institution which offers professional services in the field of reproductive medicine. We have huge experience of successful IVF programs with help of the most advanced and effective reproduction technologies since 1995. Our main focus is 100% guaranteed surrogacy programs including egg donation with human genomics and PGD diagnostics and sex selection of the future newborn child.

We offer an affordable cost of the most sophisticated and reliable medical reproduction centres in Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and other countries which is significantly lower than the prices of commercial agencies. 

You can choose the location of your surrogacy program and start without waiting list!

We are a direct representative of IVF clinics in 6 countries. You can make IVF part of surrogacy program in one of choosing country:

  • Cyprus
  • Greece
  • Ukraine
  • Columbia 
  • Mexico
  • Georgia

You can choose childbirth place. We have two possibilities for each of those countries:

Childbirth in your home country

 Childbirth in IVF clinic location (Cyprus: Turkish or Greek part, Greece, Ukraine,  Colombia, Mexico, Georgia,)

You can find the best opportunity in your case depending on surrogacy legislation in your home country and choose IVF program location and childbirth place which is appropriate for you.

Our approach is based on years of experience and a high professional level of our reproductive specialists and management team. We support all stages of the surrogacy and IVF process, provide juridical and documental support, language assistance and program coordination. We provide all service packages for both couples and single parents. 

In the context of quarantine due to COVID-19 pandemic, you can make your program on distance and have childbirth of your baby in your native country!

Our managers speak your language and always ready to provide information about our opportunities.

We are giving you guaranties and supporting you in every step of the way towards your healthy baby!