Clinic in Greece

This is a unique medical group of specialists, that provides Greek and overseas women, with top quality medical services at the best Hospitals and Fertility Centers in Greece. Specializes in subfertility and mainly in the Ι.V.F , recurrent impantation faillures, resistant PCOs and stage 3-4 endometriosis , as well as in the egg donation and surrogacy field, offering thorough online or face-to-face-consultations and I.V.F treatments, at cooperating state of the art embryological laboratory. Takes over finding and matching of a suitable donor, through our collaborating IVF Centers. Offers through our legal team, consultation and assistance, for surrogacy cases, If desired. Αlso, offers advanced gynecological minimal access surgery, low or high-risk pregnancy monitoring and pregnancy follow up at the best, safest and most luxurious, private Maternity Hospital in Athens.

A group of co-working partners, constitutes the clinic team, which aims to provide tailor made, all inclusive, no hidden costs, high end, personalised one to one services, to women who seek IVF, egg donation, surrogacy or gynecological endoscopic surgery  /obstetrics in Greece.

Well known gynecologists and fertility specialists in the U.K, Belgium, Switzerland, Qatar and U.A.E, a dedicated legal team familiar with egg donation and surrogacy legislation, interpreters on demand and our medical tourism facilitator/concierge, complete the team. A both private and NHS GP in London, who can prescribe for you drugs and refer you for tests and a blood clinic, where you can have your initial blood tests or even sperm analysis , also cooperate with this clinic.