Childbirth in Georgia (Czech Republic, Cyprus, Moldova)

  • Provision of a coordinator for pregnant women in the territory of Georgia (Czech Republic, Cyprus, Moldova) (support at all program stages, consultations on general issues: supermarket, bank, transport, etc.).
  • Transfer for pregnant from / to the airport, organization of necessary transfers to the hospital for consultations.
  • Accommodation for pregnant women in a furnished apartment equipped with its own bathroom for 3 months.
  • Provision of pregnancy care after 26 weeks by specialized medical institution (all necessary medical examination and medication, doctor's supervision, pregnancy screenings and documental support, including the force majeure situations costs, such as premature birth, hospitalization in case of saving pregnancy need on an outpatient and inpatient basis and any other medical contingencies).
  • Registration at the maternity hospital and the organization of paid commercial Childbirth in the partner maternity hospital or prenatal care center (max 5 days) at the of Georgia (Czech Republic, Cyprus, Moldova) (including caesarean section, hospital room stay and medication and pediatrician services for newborn);
  • Child’s birth certificate registration according to the law of Georgia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Moldova;
  • Processing and providing all necessary documents (translation, apostille, notarization, etc.) with considering the current legislation of Georgia (Czech Republic, Cyprus, Moldova) for a newborn child for departure together with his parents to the country of residence.

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